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 agiant schnoodle puppy wearing her graduation cap  from puppy classes

Graduating from Puppy Class.  At the head of her class!!


Tyler ( the Boy) and Riley ( the Dog).

Tyler was not able to have a dog due to severe allergies. With Riley he has no problems at all.

Thank you Tyler for sharing your picture.

Riley  Born Jan 5th, 2006 our first litter of giants


montana long sallys dog

The ultimate hybrid is the GIANT SCHNOODLE. Completely non-shedding and a temperament that is beyond belief. The Giant Schnoodle is most popular because of their wonderful temperament. Unlike the miniature or the standard schnauzer, the Giant schnauzer has an even, calm temperament, and are very gentle with children, making them the optimum family pet.  They can be clowns and they can be stubborn, but without a doubt loving and gentle with their families.

They are usually  100% non-shedding and they are hypoallergenic, for some families this is one of the only breeds they can tolerate due to severe allergies.

The Giant Teddy Bear Schnoodle is produced by breeding a Male Giant Schnauzer to a Female Standard Poodle. This produces a Giant Schnoodle that will weigh approximately 50-80lbs at maturity, they average around 70lbs. Height at the withers: Males, 25 to 27 inches, Females, 23 to 25 inches. Please be aware that there is no guarantee for size of pups when adults. Many factors are involved with size, but much is dependent upon the size of the poodles that I breed.

The believed origin of the Giant Schnauzer is in southern Bavaria. The Giant is known as das Riesenschnauzer in its country of origin, Germany. The name Schnauzer means "snout". This word was chosen because the Giants snout and whiskers draw immediate attention. It is believed that the Giant Schnauzer was crossed with smooth-coated German drover dogs, black Great Danes, and rough-coated shepherd dogs. This combination produced an agile deep-chested dog with a huge heart.

The breed was developed for specific work in the 1600's, and was used as drovers of sheep and cattle and as guard dogs. They have also been used to pull carts. The giant schnauzer’s coat was also influenced by weather and living conditions. Once seen, the Giant Schnauzer is seldom forgotten.

The Giant Schnauzer is a larger more powerful version of, but should resemble, the smaller, Standard Schnauzer. Nearly a square built dog in proportion of body length to height at withers. Ruggedly built with a dense, weather-resistant coat. Usually salt and pepper in color or black.

When you combine the Giant Schnauzer and the Standard Poodle you have a very composed, easily trained dog, highly intelligent, with a sound reliable temperament, who is courageous, loves human companionship, is deeply loyal to the family, and will be extremely affectionate with children. They are focused, laid back, very sweet, and at times silly, they are usually happy and content. They do need human companionship.  They require moderate grooming. Their coat will vary in texture but it is typically a silky wavy coat with soft curls. The most common color is black. They are definitely water dogs, they love the snow, and do well in most any climate.


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