About Our Pups

We live on 35 acres in the middle of a small ranching community in Montana. Our nearest neighbors are about a mile from us, making it the perfect spot to raise quality dogs, and quarter horses. Our dogs have a large portion of acreage that they have the run of, so that they build strong bones and bodies, as well as happy healthy minds. We are fortunate that we also have across the road from us a large reservoir that in the warmer months I can take the adult dogs for a walk and where many of them love to swim. Because of their background of hunters and retrievers these dogs learn quickly how to retrieve.

Our Standard Goldendoodles, Toy Goldendoodles, Petite Goldendoodles, and Giant Schnoodle puppies are raised in our home with my family and are well socialized.  We have cats, horses, and most importantly grandchildren that visit our dogs and puppies.

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One of our Goldendoodles all grown up
Jake an F1 Labradoodle with his first bird at 6 months old. Jake is from our 2003 litter. We no longer raise Labradoodles, but are more than willing to give you the names of some excellent breeders.
— Deb Shay, brought Ziggy into her family

Deb was much more than just a “doodle breeder!” She knows her animals, doesn’t over-breed and guided us through a flawless transaction.

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Each run has it's own dog door to go
inside to the dogs sleeping areas

This is the outside of the kennel. Each run is 20 feet long and 10 feet wide, with it’s own dog door that goes into individual inside runs. This is where the puppies, once they have gotten to the weaning and potty training stage are moved to. Here they learn how to use a dog door for going outside. The puppies love to play inside the dog houses and on their yard toys. The back runs open into large fields for lots of exercise. In the summer all of the runs are covered with shade tarps allowing a generous amount of air to flow through while keeping everyone nice and cool.