Here are some pictures of our giant schnoodle pups as they grow, and letters from their new owners: Click on the pictures to see many of our Giant Schnoodles.

Hi Deb!

I am sitting at my desk, and this fabulous, brilliant, sweet puppy is sleeping at my feet with his head resting on my chair rail! He is just too wonderful. The boys traveled just fine, and the flight attendant let Rod take him out on his lap from Denver to Monterey. She wanted to pet him. He was great, and very quiet, and they arrived on time! He sleeps in his crate next to my bed, and has been very good. He potties in a litter box ( most of the time) which is amazing! I can’t wait for warmer weather, and the next round of shots so we can play outside with the others. They aren’t sure why he wants to play in the house; they haven’t done that in a long time! So, thank you! Everything seems fine. I’ll send photos when he gets a little bigger.
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Peggy, Monterey, CA

Dear Deb,

I have been meaning to write for so long and it seems our lives have been so hecktic the last few months.  I wanted you to see what a big boy our Zach has become.  The last time I had him to the vet (about a month ago he was almost 75 lbs so imagine he’s approaching 80 a little past his 10 month birthday.  Our biggest milestone was when he learned to trust and love Dennis and now he waits each evening for Dennis to get home from work and cries when Dennis goes out in the yard without him.  The evening walks seemed to turn the tide. In August we were traveling in the motorhome for 3 weeks and he has become a great traveler.  The last 5 weeks both Dennis and I have been taking him to obedience class at Pet Smart and all 3 of us have learned a lot.  He is the class clown, loves when they have off leash play time, gets along famously with all the other dogs, loves the instructor and has learned to adjust to other people.  He picks up his lessons so quickly and not a surprise as he is so smart and seems to live to please. 

As far as I can see Zach’snumber one attribute is his disposition. I don’t think he has a cranky bone in his body.  In the middle of the night he will come and give me a kiss and then go back to sleep as if he justs wants me to know he’s ok and checking to see that I’m still ok.  I have never had a more loving or attentive dog in my life.  He follows me all day and yet when we are away from home he has never displayed what I consider separation anxiety, has never destroyed anything or chewed anything.  There isn’t a day goes by that he doesn’t make me laugh, so absolutely good for my well being.  As you have undoubtedly guessed we know we made a wise decision with the breeding and we will always be thankful for your guidance and for helping to bring such a wonderful gift into our lives.  

Peg A. 

Wanted to share these with you. Barney has been a TOTAL joy. If you ever want me to speak to a potential owner of an “older” puppy I’d be happy to do it. He is sooooooooo social and knows so many tricks. We can’t say the word company or he sits at the front doors staring! Oh and by the way, he ended up weighing 52 lb. exactly as you predicted. Thank you for being such a reputable breeder. I hope all is going well for you, your family and the Pets.

Best wishes for 2011. Linda

Kaycee has on her therapy dog vest and a Santa hat on our way to visit patients in the hospital before Christmas. Our girl is now 18 months and loved by patients and nurses. She gives love to all.

Pat B, 2010