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Welcome to Deb’s Doodles, I breed F1 and F1B  Goldendoodle puppies as well as F1 and F1B Giant Schnoodle puppies. I also breed mini goldendoodle puppies and petite multi-gen goldendoodle puppies.


All puppies come from genetically health tested AKC registered parents that have calm dispositions and temperaments, helping to insure a quality puppy for you. A Goldendoodle, or Giant Schnoodle puppy that will be a wonderful addition to your family and life.


Goldendoodles are a cross between a Standard Poodle and a Golden Retriever. Goldendoodles are very intelligent, low to non-shedding, gentle, friendly, loyal and very easily trained making them the perfect companion. They are in HIGH demand for guide and service dogs. Goldendoodles are wonderful family pets and love children of all ages.

Goldendoodles come in many different sizes, and different generations. Sizes can be petite, mini, mediums, and standards.

Petite are usually under 25 pounds

Mini/Medium can be between 25 to 45 pounds

Standard are usually over 45 pounds


Generations for the Goldendoodles are

F1  First Generation  50% Poodle- 50 % Golden Retriever

F1B ( back crossed with a poodle)   75% poodle- 25% golden


Giant Schnoodles are a cross between a standard poodle and a giant schnauzer.

 My giant schnoodle pups have soft wavy coats that are non shedding.

The giant schnoodle has a great temperament and is wonderful with their families but do need good socializing with others outside of the family. They are extremely smart and can use that to their benefit, making them to sometimes appear stubborn. They learn fast and they remember what they learn. Both the poodle and the giant schnauzer are very intelligent and it shows in their puppies. I have found the giant schnauzer to be a “thinking” type of dog. I also find this a trait in their offspring.

Schnoodles also come in different sizes and generations. The generations are the same as they would be for the Goldendoodles F1, F1B, and so on.

My giant schnoodles have ranged in many different sizes due to the female poodle that I use in my breeding program. I have males that are over 90 pounds and females over 75 pounds. But I also have males that are in the 45-50 range. On average, with my schnoodles the females can range between 50-60 pounds and the males are 60-70 pounds.


Both the Goldendoodles and the Giant Schnoodles do require regular grooming. They should be brushed often to prevent matting and brushing time is always good bonding time. Many people prefer to let their doodles grow longer in the winter months and keep them clipped shorter in the summer months. Or if you are in a warmer climate can keep them groomed shorter year round.

They both do enjoy walks, jogging and being with their families, they are considered a moderate energy level dog. Most will enjoy playing ball or laying at your feet depending on what you want for the day.  

If you have any question please let me know. You can either email me or give me a call. I can talk about my dogs all day long.


“If I had a dollar every time my dog made me smile I would be a Millionaire”



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Goldendoodle Puppy

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